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Prof. Dr. Michael Truebestein, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts: Applications and Challenges of the Blockchain Technology in the Real Estate Industry


Focus: Overview and critical statements


Blockchain technology will completely change the real estate industry and some applications (and companies) have been launched successfully. Nevertheless, nobody knows exactly, which business model will be successful and where future developments can be expected. Furthermore, this development is marked by different views and behaviors of the “traditional” real estate industry and disruptive IT-experts.Therefore decisive criteria for a successful implementation and future challenges will be analyzed during the presentation. In addition, interesting projects, market segments and business models in the real estate and blockchain industry will be highlighted like the Property DNA, the blockchain-based land registry or the application of legal rights with blockchain technology. And: Token-based financing.

Furthermore, the legal framework and classification of token as well as application in the real estate industry will be discussed.


In general, (blockchain-) technology will replace many intermediaries that cost a lot of money and time (eg agents, banks, land registries…). But it is to question how and when these new disruptive technologies will be applied.


Main topics eg:

  • Lessons learnt: What is vision and what is a reliable business model and how to proof it?
  • Traditional real estate industry: Which role will they take and how will they react?
  • Legal framework: What is necessary and how can regulation influence the success of a business model?
  • How will survive at the end and which industry will profit most?

(in addition and especially for the Baltics:

  • How can the Baltics become the leading real estatecrypto hub worldwide?)


More information about PropTech Rigawww.proptechriga.lv.