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Info no LANĪDA starptautiskā partnera Global PropTech

Through this e-mail, we would like to inform you about our upcoming and second Global PropTech Online event that will take place on Tuesday 17 September 2019 between 08:00 and 17:00 (Central European Time). One of our strategic partners for this online event is PropTech Riga.

The theme of this second edition of Global PropTech Online is ‘Blockchain & AI’. From all over The World you can attend this ONLINE free event. You can dial in or log in when you have an internet connection and a screen to watch the webinar keynotes live!

During this day, we’ll offer you four inspiring keynotes from Tom Shrive (Ask Porter), Marlthe Harslof (Spacemaker AI), Carmen Benitez (Fetch Blockchain), Maurice Grassau (Architrave) and Denis Petrovcic (Blocksquare) surrounding Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Using the links underneath, you can register for their keynotes.

Register for: Tom Shrive’s Keynote (09:00 AM – CET) Askporter is the winner of the 1ste stage of the MIPIM World Startup Competition!

Register for: Malthe Harslof’s Keynote (10:00 AM – CET) Spacemaker AI was funded with $25M to let property developers use AI!

Register for: Carmen Benitez’s Keynote (11:00 AM – CET) Fetch Blockchain is one of the top 3 best blockchain solutions from The World (Zug – Switzerland competition)!

Register here for: Maurice Grassau’s Keynote (13:30 PM – CET) Architrave: How Germany’s PropTech #1 is Digitising Asset Management.

Register for: Denis Petrovcic’s Keynote (15:30 PM – CET) Blocksquare is the number one blockchain solution from The World (Zug – Switzerland competition; winner received $100.000 in cash)!

Will we see you 17 September? If you cannot attend live please subscribe, because you will get the recordings first.

With innovative regards,
Team Global PropTech