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14-05-2015 /Market report

In Q1, number of building permits issued and buildings completed grows in Lithuania

Vilnius, May 17 (ELTA) - Based on the data from the Building Permits and State... Read more

12-05-2015 /Press

ARCO REAL ESTATE: Transaction amount with the new project apartments has decreased per 49 %

The average price per square meter in Rīga new projects decreased per 50 EUR in... Read more

29-04-2015 /Press

Investors eye healthcare properties

The demand for traditional core property investments has resulted in investors looking to alternatives, including... Read more

27-04-2015 /Press

Over supply and over pricing result in falling prices in Geneva region

Prices of single-family homes and condominiums in the Geneva, Switzerland region have fallen for the... Read more

21-04-2015 /Market report

ARCO REAL ESTATE: Serial apartment market overview MARCH

The serial apartment prices in Riga residential areas increased per 0,1 %. The average serial... Read more

21-04-2015 /Press

ARCO REAL ESTATE: Serial apartment price increase indicates development

The serial apartment prices increased per 0,5 % since January this year, while they rose... Read more

21-04-2015 /Press

Finnish real estate industry may have bottomed out

According to the Finnish Association of Real Estate Agencies (KVKL) the fourth quarter of 2014... Read more

17-04-2015 /Press

Prices up in the Dutch housing market with stabilizing transaction volumes

The Dutch housing market appears to have entered calmer waters. Although transaction numbers continue to... Read more

13-04-2015 /Press

NYC luxury condo market is softening

Manhattan condosNew York City was among the first residential markets in the US to bounce... Read more

10-04-2015 /Press

BALSTS: The number of transactions decreased by 19.1%, buyers are advised to make carefully considered decisions

In recent months, in most of the secondary market there has been an observable price... Read more